Rolling Fields Rabbitry  

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Rabbit Sale Policy&Contract


Please read my sales policy/contract before purchasing one of my rabbits. By inquiring about any of my rabbits, you hereby agree that you have thoroughly read this policy/contract and procedures page completely and agree to all information.


My rabbitry is a closed rabbitry, which means for the privacy of my home and safety of my family and animals, I will meet at a public location for pick up. I meet at FasMart Gas Station at 2406  S. Bell School Road in Cherry Valley, IL 61016. I will ship using spee-dee delivery if you are in one of their delivery areas or ship using rabbit transport groups but not until the rabbit is 12wks old. I will not be held liable once the rabbit leaves my care. Buyer is responsible for shipping fees. I will not meet half way with rabbits. However, if I am going to a show, I will meet at a show. The below link(Rabbit Care Information) is my go home instructions for when you purchase your rabbit from me, or even if you are thinking of buying a rabbit. Please click on it and download it (opens as a pdf file) as it covers everything you need to know. If you find you have more questions, by all means ask. There is never a dumb question and I'd rather have you ask and get the correct information than not. 

Rabbit Care Information


All of my rabbits are healthy to the best of my knowledge at the time of sale and show no signs of illness or disease. I have a very strict quarantine procedure for new rabbits as my herd is very healthy. I do not offer any type of guarantee or warranty whatsoever. All sales are final. I cannot control things such as stress, weather, injury, etc. and unfortunately there are occasional times when something happens to a baby before it leaves, I do not offer refunds but I will off you first pick of another litter. I sex all of my rabbits before they leave my rabbitry & I am usually correct, but please keep in mind that mistakes do sometimes happen when sexing young rabbits and I apologize ahead of time if I make a mistake(this has happened less than a handful of times in my 30+yrs of breeding). I cannot control what happens once the rabbit has left my care, including disease or death. Including but not limited to, abuse, neglect, extreme temperatures, malnourishment, improper housing which causes sickness or death, injury from other animals, exposure to other illnesses & sicknesses via other animals, during travel, shows, or at your residence. Under no circumstances will I be responsible for any medical costs the rabbit may obtain after the sale. All of my rabbits are very sweet tempered, however, I do not guarantee that any rabbit purchased will never bite or scratch. Under no circumstances am I responsible for damage the rabbit may cause to personal property or any personal injury, such as biting or scratching. I do not & cannot guarantee that any rabbit purchased from me will win at a show or become a grand champion as this is near impossible to predict. I cannot guarantee any rabbit sold will be a good breeder or a good mother, even if they have produced for me. Buying show quality means a rabbit is free from disqualifications and could be shown, no guarantee on how the rabbit will place in a show. The buyer agrees to provide adequate shelter, food, water, and care for the rabbit. 

Every baby that is born here is handled from birth. They are extremely friendly and used to handling when they go home. They may take a little more getting used to younger children as my children are 14 and over but we try to expose them to everything we can think of. Also, each is very different to how they settle in. Some settle right in like they've always lived there and others it can take a bit of time. Just don't rush them to fast, everyone and everything is new to them. I explain it to children as if they're going to a new friend's house and they get nervous, that's the same way the rabbit feels. I have a strict temperament policy in my rabbitry and will not allow poor/bad temperaments in any of my rabbits. All of my rabbits have excellent temperaments as my children, their friends, family, etc. often handle our rabbits and I do not want to have to worry about any child putting their hand in the wrong cage, etc. The ONLY time I will replace a rabbit for you is if you have one that turned out to be nippy or bites. I want everyone to have a great experience with their pets. I will take that one back and it will remain here for the rest of it's life(those rabbits are then spayed/neutered and have large signs on their cages saying DO NOT TOUCH OR PUT FINGERS IN CAGE). They are also kept separate from the rabbits that all the kids play around with. I will then give you a replacement when I have one available. 


If you are no longer able to keep your rabbit if you did not get it from me, I will take it in for re-homing or to stay here but you must supply a cage. If you got your rabbit from me and you are no longer able to keep it, it must be returned to me, no exceptions.  If you do not return said rabbit, it will be considered stolen and appropriate action will be taken. I do this to keep my rabbits safe for their entire lives, that is my responsibility being a responsible breeder. Absolutely NO refund will be provided. A cage supplied with the rabbit would be very much appreciated, but not required for rabbits that originally came from me, as I don't often have extra cage space. I do not want to see any of my rabbits, or other rabbits for that matter, end up in a shelter or rescue. If a lawyer has to be sought after to get a rabbit back from breach of any this policy/contract/ procedure from an irresponsible pet owner, someone who has resold one of my rabbits without my permission, has abused or mistreated a rabbit or any of the likeness, all lawyer fees will be paid for by that individual and buyer reading this completely understands this statement. All court proceedings will take place in Winnebago County, IL. Notes will be taken and recorded of all contact and conversations. If buyer or person in possession of stolen rabbits does not respond by phone, text, or email, a certified letter will be sent and action will be started on that day. I take my rabbits and my hobby very seriously and put a lot of time and love into every rabbit. I do not make a profit from my rabbits, this is strictly my hobby. I will always, always, always take them back no matter what. 


My site is always up to date. Texting(815-378-2730) is my preferred way of contact as that's easiest for me to respond to quickly. Texts are the quickest to reserve or purchase a rabbit once they are available for deposits or sale as I typically do not check my email until the end of the day and sometimes don't get to check it for several weeks.

Rabbits are not allowed to leave until 8wks. old, sometimes I will hold them longer. I don't take deposits until 6wks. They will be listed on my website under their specific breed. None listed=None available. Their health and care is my first priority and there are times when I feel it is a necessity to keep a baby longer. There are also many times I'll have older babies that I had kept back as show prospects and then picked one and the rest in the litter will be available. Prices are based on quality, color, and bloodlines. I have several uncommon, very hard to find colors and very well known/well respected bloodlines in my breeds and they are priced accordingly. All prices start at $75 except BEWs, English Lops(start at $100), or French Lops(start at $100). You will NOT find my babies in pet stores, swap meets, craigslist, or anything of the like. I feel those places cause impulse buys and I want people to have done some research, and really want a rabbit contacting me. I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone, for any reason. I reserve the right to terminate a sale at any time for any reason during the sales process. Deposits and payments are absolutely nonrefundable under any and all circumstances. All rabbits are sold on a first come basis whether ready for deposit or ready to go. I do NOT keep a waiting list. If a rabbit is ready to go, payment must be paid in full immediately and I give 7 days from payment to pick up your rabbit. If not picked up within the 7 days, a boarding fee of $10 per day starting on the 8th day will begin until picked up. If not picked up on the 10th day, sale will be terminated and rabbit will be resold. I understand there may be some special circumstances such as not living in state, etc that I'll make exceptions for but have to be arranged ahead of time. If ready for deposit, a 50% nonrefundable deposit must be made immediately by square cash, credit card, or paypal and remaining balance due in cash, square cash, credit card, or paypal at time of pick up. Texting me is the fastest way to reserve/buy a rabbit. 

My preferred payment is through the square cash app or paypal on your computer, android or IPhone. For square cash you enter all of your info yourself and it has to be made by a debit card. It is a very safe payment method. I will not be held responsible for a payment you made that was not from your own card. I have no way of knowing on my end that you have permission to use or not use the card. You can download the square cash app(payment goes to $Bunnyluv) or if you're using a computer you will type in the following to pay me:$Bunnyluv   Make sure you type in $Bunnyluv correctly as once the payment is sent, if you sent it to the wrong person it's VERY difficult to get it back.

If you do not have a debit card, I can also accept credit card(a fee of 4.75% will be added). Credit card information is written down, put into square cash credit card app, shredded, then burned. I take people's information very seriously and am very throrough. 

I am now also accepting paypal! My paypal email is

Ready to go=rabbit is ready to leave to a new home and is at least 8wks old. Payment must be paid immediately. No holds.

Ready for deposit=50% nonrefundable deposit required immediately, remaining balance due at pick up. Rabbit is not ready to leave to a new home yet as it will only be 6wks old.

Remember to bring a carrier at pick up. A small pet carrier or a box with a towel will suffice, though note that the rabbit may be able to jump out(even the tiny ones can jump ridiculously high).

Inquiring about one of my rabbits means that you have read & agree to the above sales policy. There are no additional oral or written promises or representations except as expressly set forth herein. I am not responsible for those who do not read it thoroughly. This is not meant to scare anyone away, this is to protect my rabbits and weed out the potential buyers who have not done their research. Thank you!