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Netherland Dwarf

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The Netherland Dwarf is the smallest breed I have weighing in at around 2-2.5lbs. They have a lot of character and are quite active. Netherland dwarf rabbits are super cute and look like babies as adults. I don't always recommend them for a first time rabbit owner or a for a child, unless it's a buck. They are a breed that can have a snotty attitude. I don't tolerate poor behavior in my rabbits but it can happen to any of them. With that said, I've never had an issue with a buck being that way. With the netherland dwarfs, I highly recommend having them spayed/neutered if just having as a pet to also try to prevent any of that behavior, as it can often come on when reaching maturity. They reach maturity at 4 to 6 months of age. They're not a breed for everyone. They come in many different colors and I try to have as many of those colors as I can. There are certain colors that you have to breed to each other but I like to experiment a bit but still stick to the breed standard. I have some of the top bloodlines in the country in my rabbits. 


Please review my rabbit sales policy before inquiring. Inquiring about one of my rabbits means that you have read & agree to my sales policy.

Expecting new litters end of May. Check out Facebook for sneak peeks!