Rolling Fields Rabbitry  

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Mini Lop Rabbits

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Mini lop rabbits are a medium sized lop rabbit. They are not to be confused with the holland lop, whom is smaller. A Mini lop cannot weigh more than 6lbs. They are a sweet and docile breed. They also come in a variety of colors. The colors I have are chestnut, blue tipped steel, blue, gold tipped steel, silver tipped steel, chinchilla, tort, blue tort, orange, black, otter, sable point, REW, siamese sable, seal, frosted pearl, and smoke pearl in solid and broken colors. I have some of the top Mini Lop show lines in my rabbitry. I am always expecting new litters.


Please review my rabbit sales policy before inquiring. Inquiring about one of my rabbits means that you have read & agree to my sales policy.


Expecting litters in March. Check Facebook for sneak peeks! You do not have to join to view my page!