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Lionhead rabbits are a newer breed in the rabbit world. A Lionhead rabbit has to stay under 3#12oz and ears under 3.5" to be shown, most of mine are in the 2.5-3# range(some closer to 2#!) and ears under 3". They have excellent temperaments and are not quite as active as a netherland dwarf but not as lazy as a lop either-they are a good in-between type. They do not require a lot of maintenance, despite having more fur, except as babies. Babies do require more frequent grooming until they shed out of their baby fur and grown their adult fur. You do not want to use shavings in a cage with a lionhead rabbit or you will surely have a mess on your hands:( There are single mane and double mane varieties. Most of mine(95%) are double mane.The single mane lionhead has fur, a "mane" just around their head and it is usually not very full, sometimes they lose it altogether as they age. The double mane lionhead has a full "mane" around their head and "skirting" around their flanks(rear area). Manes and skirting is typically around 2" long but can be of any length. There has to be a distinguishable shorter area of fur along their saddle(back)area for showing purposes. Currently only REW and Tort are recognized ARBA show colors though other colors of the Lionhead breed can be shown and are in the works to become recognized by ARBA. At this time the "other" colors are not able to complete for grand champion legs.The colors I breed currently are blue, black, REW, Tort, Blue Tort, Siamese Smoke Pearl, Blue&Black otter, magpie harlequin, japanese harlequin, and Siamese Sable. I rarely have recognized show color lionheads for sale.

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Expecting litters in May. Check Facebook for sneak peeks!