Rolling Fields Rabbitry  

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French Lops

The French Lop is a very large rabbit, typically weighing around 10-15 pounds, although can be larger. That weight may not seem so big but they are HUGE and SOLID. With lop ears of between 5 and 8 inches long that hang down below the jaw, and an almost cubic appearance with a short thickset body and large head. The front legs are short and straight and the hind legs are carried parallel to the body. The French Lop has a dense, soft coat that comes in two color varieties: solid and broken, and within these varieties there are a lot of different colors. The French Lop requires larger housing(smallest size 24"x36"x24") but preferably larger. They need a resting mat to help prevent sore hocks(feet). (I do make custom cages if you need one.) and do well indoor or outdoors.They are calm, very sociable, and make excellent pets. At this time I have just a handful of Frenchies so babies will be few and far between. 

Please review my rabbit sales policy before inquiring. Inquiring about one of my rabbits means that you have read & agree to my sales policy.

Expecting litters in May. Keep an eye on facebook for sneak peeks!