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English Lop

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We started out with our first pet English Lop in 2014. Over the last few years, we've taken the time to learn more about them and find the best show and breeding rabbits we can. We now have several! In the picture is one of my bucks, He was 9wks.old in that picture. English Lops are one of the oldest breeds of rabbit known to man. They are known as "the King of the Fancy." English Lops are best known for the ridiculously long ears. They have to be at least 21" long to show. The wider, thicker, longer the ear the better. Senior bucks(males over 9mos) must weigh at least 9lbs. and senior does(females over 9mos) must weigh at least 10lbs. As we have found on our own as well as while learning about them, English Lops have the best temperaments in the lop world. Despite their size, they are extremely docile and love being held. They have extremely outgoing personalities and are quite comical. They also are very quick to learn things such as walking on a leash. Because of their ears and lack of undercoat, they need to be kept indoors or in a heated barn during cold weather. They need a very large cage with a solid bottom or  resting mats for their feet. I have purchased my English Lops from some of the best breeders in the country and several of them are already proven, registered, several time Grand Champions. I cannot say enough about them, we've absolutely fallen head over heels for them! They are unlike ANY of the breeds I've raised all my life. The downsides are that they are extremely hard to breed and the does are horrible at raising litters. 

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Expecting litters end of May...