Rolling Fields Rabbitry  

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Homemade Rabbit Treats, Hay, Feed, Supplies

5lbs custom blend food fits in a gallon sized bag. This is what your baby is started on and goes home with a small amount. I feed all my rabbits this, have fed this for years, and have many show wins I attribute to my feed and hay! It will be mixed fresh and shipped out. 

I sell it for $10 for every 5lbs. It may sound expensive but most likely you are feeding your rabbit a product that isn't so great and you're basically paying for their advertising. Shipping is through speedee delivery and very reasonable. Please text me your zip code and how many pounds for a quote. 


2017 2nd cutting premium alfalfa hay. All natural!! This is what all of my rabbits here eat, both babies and adults. This is nothing like the junk hay you buy at the store. This is WAY better than ANY store/amazon brand you can buy! This is FRESH. Cut and baled this year perfectly with all the yummy leaves still attached. Your rabbits will go nuts for this!! $10 per every 5lbs. To give you an idea, 5lbs will fill a 13 gallon trash bag. 

Shipping through speedee delivery is very reasonably priced. Please text me your zip code and how many pounds for a quote. It will be boxed fresh and shipped immediately. Unlike store bought hay, that for unnatural reasons doesn't bleach out with sun/light exposure, there will be bleached areas of my hay, depending on which part of my loft or which barn it came out of. It does not change anything about it's nutritional content. It is just how normal, natural hay is. If you want to try before buying 5lbs, I'd be happy to ship you a sample at no cost(that's how sure I am that you will want to switch!).  


All natural, no additives, no sugarhome made rabbit treats. I'll be the first, they are ugly and smell horrible to me but every rabbit(or goats, sheep, and horses) has never ever turned one down. They LOVE them!! The best part, you can't overfeed them these treats! So all you treat junkies out there, here's the healthy alternative to the sugar filled treats you buy at the store:)

I make raspberry, strawberry, banana, carrot, and apple. The raspberries, strawberries, carrots, and apples come right from my garden with no products used on my garden, it's all natural. The bananas I use are certified organic bought from the store. You can even freeze them if you want to stock up for a bit. The rabbits all know the difference even though there's not always a lot of difference in color and either have their favorite flavors or love them all. They are $5 for a sandwich bag full, which is quite a bit. Each batch takes me close to an hour to make so a lot of love and time goes into these so I do need advanced notice for orders as I don't always have certain flavors in stock.